IKEA hack: Easiest kitchen island ever (seriously)

My German kitchen is cute. It’s bright, updated and all neutral.


It’s small. As is, there’s not much counter or storage space.

That was the first challenge. The second challenge was that when chopping and prepping food, I would have to have my back to the dining/living area. It’s a subtle thing, but I feel like I’m less closed off if I can look out at my home versus a wall.

I came across the idea of using an IKEA Kallax shelf as a kitchen island on pinterest. Since I already had a white shelf, this project was really cheap (about $40). But you could purchase all the materials needed at IKEA for about $82 brand new!

Products/materials needed for this project:

-Kallax shelf
-Legs (5″-6″)/screws
Lamplig cutting boards (2)
-Hot glue gun

Here’s how I did it:

1) For the legs, I followed this tutorial:

The legs I bought already included a plate and IKEA.com has some similar ones for $12.99 (for 4) here: stainless steel legs
I found that a height between 5-6 inches was ideal to create a counter height island

2) Once the legs were attached, I laid out the cutting boards on top of the shelf BEFORE gluing. When I had them both where I wanted, I lifted the first one off and set it aside. I then squeezed the hot glue across the top half of the kallax shelf and then placed the cutting board on top. And then repeated with the second shelf. NOTE* I have the milled groove of the cutting boards facing DOWN. They are also at the FRONT of m kitchen island.

And that’s it! So easy! I love how versatile this project can be. If you have a larger kitchen, you could make two of these shelf units and put them together. Instead of baskets, you could insert drawers or shelves. And if you want to get really fancy, you could add prettier looking legs. It really is an easy, customizable project.

Also, if you don’t have an IKEA near you, try looking at Target or Amazon.com for a 4 cube shelf. The Lamplig cutting board is sold on amazon.com, but costs about double.

Let me know in the comments if you end up trying this hack!

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