Some see a weed, some see a wish {Before/After Using Annie Sloan}

Have you ever heard that quote about a Dandelion? One person can look at a Dandelion as a pesky weed and another person can look at the exact same Dandelion as an opportunity to make a wish. I feel like that describes me with DIY projects. I see the weed, but I also the the potential to make a wish! A lady was selling this “Dandelion” for $20! She bought it at a Troc (a Goodwill type of store in France) and didn’t have the time to give it any love.

It’s hard to tell in the picture, but this thing is pretty big! I’m still not sure what to label this piece as. A hutch? A buffet table? I really don’t know. It’s two pieces and it the bottom piece could probably be used as a bench on it’s own.

I wanted to share the technique I used to paint this. Having used chalk paint before, I knew I didn’t want a solid matte finish. I wanted there to be some character. It was all just an experiment and what I liked about painting with Annie Sloan and this technique, is that if I didn’t like the coverage or look it was easy to alter.

-Annie Sloan French Linen
-Brown acrylic paint
-White acrylic paint
-Bowl of water
-Paper plate or bowl for mixing
-Microfiber rags
-Annie Sloan clear wax
-I used an Annie Sloan paint brush and wax brush

*Note: this isn’t a tutorial. More of a guide to share a different way to use chalk paint. If it’s your first time doing a paint project, check out pinterest for some great beginners tutorials.

1.  In a bowl, I poured some of the chalk paint and mixed with water (I started with about 50% water and 50% chalk paint). It thins the paint out, which I like since it is pretty thick! I painted on two coats with this mixture.

2. Once the paint was dry, I lightly sanded with a fine grit sand paper.

3. Since I wanted undertones of whites and browns, the technique I used was:


I waxed each area right before painting. Then, on a paper plate I mixed water (75% with brown and white acrylic paints). This is where the experimenting comes in. I used more water and less paint because I wanted the colors to be more subtle.

I painted the mixture onto the waxed area and then immediately used a microfiber cloth to blend the colors; using a back on forth motion. Any excess water, I just wiped off.

If there was too much brown or too much white, I just wiped it completely off. Some areas I had to start the process over….. repaint with the French Linen color and wax again. I liked that it was ok to make mistakes and experiment. In the picture below, you can see the difference of a solid paint versus the adding colors. The drawer on the left was still wet.I wanted some of the natural wood to peak through, so I didn’t do a full coverage in all areas. But I absolutely LOVE how this technique turned out.


Amazing what some paint can do, right?! Still have some finishing touches to do, but overall it was a quick and easy project and one of my favorite pieces of furniture.

Since I had most materials and just had to get some more chalk paint and wax, the total cost for this piece was about $50! See what happens when you see a wish? 🙂

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