Sledding in Oberreifenberg near Frankfurt/Wiesbaden

Oberreifenberg (To get there, I just put in “Oberreifenberg” into my GPS. )
Cost: Totally free!

Overview: Several sledding hills ranging from slow and gradual to VERY steep. Lots of space, even with big crowds. There were beginners with snowboards and skis, though primarily sledders. In the forest, there were plenty of places for cross-country skiing. Nearby were a few restaurants, but check hours before going. There were also two stands selling snacks. Best idea is to bring a picnic, which is what most people did. Don’t forget the thermos for hot cocoa, tea or even gluhwein!

Parking was free, but very limited in the parking lot. Best bet is to park in one of the neighborhoods and walk over. Also, I did not notice any public bathrooms or porto-potties.

There were a few hills en route to Oberreifenberg and we almost stopped, but so glad we kept on going! Even though it’s such a short distance from Weisbaden/Frankfurt these neighborhoods had much more snow because of their higher elevation

NOTE: Although the main roads were pretty clear for us, I imagine they would likely be hazardous before sand trucks/plows.

Before we got to the parking lot, we saw several cars that were parking in the neighborhoods and walking. Since the side roads were heavily snow packed, we decided to park on a street and walk in the same direction as everyone else. So glad we did because the parking lot was FULL and a huge mess when we were leaving later.

TIP: If going on a weekend or holiday, park on a side street in one of the nearby neighborhoods.

Even if you get there early, when leaving it will be much easier to get out. There were A LOT of people.

It’s hard to tell in the photo above, but this was actually a really BIG hill. Even with all these people, it still felt like enough space to sled and no one was really running into each other. This was the first main hill upon arriving.

It was a perfect hill. Long and steady! It might depend on the amount of snow and people that have “plowed” some hills, but today there were about 6 or 7 sledding areas.

This was one of the steeper hill that also had bumps.

Sledding in Oberreifenberg from Rebecca Hausfrau Maven on Vimeo.

Another area was in between the trees. Although it was beautiful, I was more concerned on this hill that a kid might steer off into a tree.

Sledding near Frankfurt from Rebecca Hausfrau Maven on Vimeo.

Most people had sleds like these:

How cute are they?? Adults pulled the kiddos around on them and I saw 3-4 people sitting on one and going down together…toboggan style. Our round disk sled was super fast, but it did end up breaking by the end of the day.

Overall, it was a very fun and FREE winter family day!

Local friends-have any other good sledding spots? Please share in the comments!
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Amalfi Coast in 3 Days (WITH KIDS)

It’s January. And it’s cold. And it’s snowy here in Germany. It’s such a cozy day to be cuddled up in my home and I’m spending it daydreaming about warm beaches and sunshine. Today, I want to whisk you away with me to the Italian Mediterranean. Specifically the region of the Amalfi Coast. Last summer, my family and I spent three incredible days exploring Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and Capri.

I will be sharing tips, recommendations and our full itinerary in the coming weeks, but for the first part of this series I want to simply share the dreaminess of it all. Grab a cup of coffee (or glass of wine depending on what time it is) and let your wanderlust take over.

Starting with our apartment in Furore, Italy. Furore is less convenient than staying in Amalfi, Sorrento or Positano. BUT because it is higher up, you get sweeping views….like this.

Falling asleep and walking up to views of the ocean was surreal.

Even more so because this Italian family owned apartment was only 90 euro PER NIGHT!


Three bedroom, two bath apartment with million dollar views.

Even the kitchen had views.


We quickly adapted to Italian culture and enjoyed our new hobby of drinking wine on the balcony each night.

And lemoncello homemade by the owners of the apartment we stayed in, Luigi and Lydia.

Again, staying in Furore isn’t the most convenient, but it is GORGEOUS and an adventure. You have to have a car. Which means driving along the windy, NARROW, curvy roads. It is as incredibly insane as everyone says. People zip around the corners and they drive FAST. I thought we were doing to die. Several times.

Even our GPS looked dizzy 🙂

But I figured if we did die, this would be the last thing we saw.

Our first day was spent exploring Positano. We took the ferry from Amalfi to Positano (quicker and easier than bus).

Most people push, shove and rush to the top of the ferry. We sat on the bottom, towards the back and had some pretty amazing views!
Can you believe this place is REAL?

*Pinch me*

What makes this place EVEN MORE gorgeous is the fact that your surrounded by people speaking Italian.

Positano was very crowded. But I think that amplified the ambiance.

I kind of regret not having a better camera with me. These iphone pictures don’t do this place any justice.

 I wish we could share smells with pictures. Why isn’t that a thing yet? It should be a thing. But for now, just imagine the freshest, yummiest floral smell. If pretty had a smell, these flowers would be it.

After a day of exploring Positano we headed back to our apartment and relaxed in the sunshine for a few hours. My mom was with us and so we had a babysitter one night! Next to our apartment was a fancy ish restaurant, so hubs and I decided to check it out.

Date night outfit 🙂

GORGEOUS views from Baca restaurant in Furore, Italy

Day two, we headed to the Isle of Capri.

As soon as you get off the ferry, you are swarmed by guys trying to sell you boat tours. We decided to go for it. For 3-4 ish hours you can get a private boat tour. Depending on your guide, some will includes towels, drinks and a light snack (or you can bring your own). Total cost for 5 of us was $150. Not bad for a private island boat tour!

Our skipper, which I regretfully didn’t get a picture of of, was an older mafia style guy. I mean, he ruled the water. When we got to the Blue Grotto AFTER several other boats were there first, he pushed his way first and no one said anything. HA! We were on a boat in the middle of the ocean with an Italian gangster! 🙂

We stopped to swim in the ocean.

But mostly we just lounged in the sun. On a boat. In the middle of the Italian Mediterranean. Listening to Frank Sinatra…ha!

This sounds weird, but laying in the hot sun is exhausting and makes you hungry! So after a few hours at sea, it was time for lunch. There are so many little cafes everywhere and we just sat at the first one we saw.

I ordered Caprese, OF COURSE, since Capri is where this dish originates from.

And also an incredible pesto pasta dish.

After lunch it was time for shopping and exploring the town!

Several markets were selling fresh, giant lemons. The lemons ARE HUGE in Capri.

We ended our afternoon at a beach before heading back to our apartment.

Day three was probably my favorite place in all of Italy. Ravello.

If you ever go to Ravello, there are two famous gardens to visit.


They are each unique and offer different, but surreal views.
We almost didn’t do both. DO BOTH Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo.

These pictures are of Villa Rufolo.

I don’t have words for this place. But hopefully the pictures say enough.

And here are the views from Villa Cimbrone.

And a few more photos just walking around Ravello.

This was the trip of a lifetime. In the next series of posts I’ll be sharing tips and details of where we stayed and how got around. Plus this was just part of our trip. I can’t wait to share our adventure exploring the ancient city of Herculaneum, highlights of our night in Rome and details about visiting Florence during peak travel season.
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