About Me

Wilkommen (Welcome)!

I’m an American living, creating and exploring in Germany. After spending a large part of my adult life living in Germany, as a housewife (hausfrau), I’ve learned a few things along the way. With two growing kiddos and a husband, I have learned a home needs to be practical, organized and cozy. It’s the place where our family shares the most intimate conversations and experiences and where some of our favorite memories are made.

My ties to Germany go back to my mother’s side. My mom was born in Garmisch, Germany on the U.S military base. My grandfather was in the Army and stationed overseas post WWII. While stationed in Germany, he met my grandmother at the PX in Munich. My great grandmother was born in Vienna, Austria and was actually a famous yodeler! She performed in Munich and lived in Bavaria for part of her life. I also recently discovered my great-grandfather was born in Wiesbaden, Germany.  There are some really cool stories, which I’ll be sharing on this blog over time.

What’s really neat is that my son was born in Germany, too. So there are several generations of German births in my family 🙂

This is my space to share how I decorate our rental house, DIY projects, travels and life in Europe.