Easy, DIY bookshelf sign {for only $5}

Ideas are always popping up in my head, but the execution of those ideas it what often prevents me from making the ideas happen. If I don’t have the tools or materials, the idea gets put on hold.

But today was a lucky day! I had an idea this morning AND I had the materials.

This is SO easy and I want to try making this type of sign in various ways, but I really like how this turned out for a first edition.

What you’ll need:

-A canvas (look at the dollar store or if you’re in Germany, I get mine at Action or Nanu)
-A black sharpie
-A printer


1) Look for a design on pinterest or anywhere online that you want to re-create. It can be watermarked and even fuzzy. It’s going to be traced.

2) Print the design and tape it to the back of the canvas. Then hold the canvas up to a window and trace the design with a sharpie.

3) I used a fat tip sharpie. Depending on the design, a thin sharpie might work best for tracing.

4) Then color it all in!

That’s it! Really easy. I don’t love how my arrows look, so I may re-do this. But I kinda have a thing for imperfection anyway 🙂

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