How-to write evenly (and neatly) on a chalkboard



Over the weekend, I finished a DIY chalkboard project and it was one of my favorite types of projects. EASY, quick and I learned something new. I was determined to have pretty words. Even though I’ve tried to free-hand the type, it never ever looked polished. So glad I found a trick on pinterest to write neat, perfectly spaced words with chalk!

There are several tutorials on pinterest and I kind of hodge podged a few together. Most either used word or illustrator for their typography, but I decided to create my words with They have a great selection of fonts, most of which are free. I created a custom dimension project using 8.5″ x 11″ dimensions. IF I had legal sized paper, I would’ve done that because it would be less work trying to align the larger letters (see Autumn).

First I printed the letters and words, cut them out and laid them out.


After having a general idea of where the letters/words would I go, I then turned each piece of paper over and rubbed it with chalk. Just nice and easy, making sure the entire letter/word was covered.



Then, I turned the paper over and adjusted the letters/words as needed. I was worried about the chalk rubbing off if I moved the letters/words, but it didn’t really come off. Once I had the paper placed, I traced each letter/word with a sharp pencil. I pressed hard enough to ensure the chalk would press down onto the board.


I then filled in the traced letters/words. I learned an awesome tip from Joanna Gains…sharpen your chalk! I just used some scissors to cut a tip. Made a HUGE difference.

It’s easy to clean up any mistakes; just wet a qtip and erase any chalk dust or imperfections. Or keep it imperfect and let it have that homemade, rustic charm 🙂


A big part of creating a home is the patience (so, so , so much patience).  I’ve learned patience is an easier virtue to sit with when you replace the anxious desire to reach the end with gratitude for where you currently are on your journey. Last week I posted a picture on instagram of my entryway.  My “this is really plain and unappealing, but I’m glad I even have a home” entryway.

Today, I’m reminding myself to be patient and grateful. This is my entryway, exactly as is this morning. It’s not much to look at. It’s lacking the warm, cozy and creative vibe I want it to have. Scrolling through Instagram has me feeling inspired, but also that my space isn’t “enough”. In yoga, I learned that you shouldn’t compete with anyone but yourself. We are each on a different journey and different place in our lives and so some of us can do a headstand while others can barely touch their toes. The important thing is that you’re showing up with a grateful heart to practice. I’m reminding myself about balance. The balance between inspiration and gratitude. I’m inspired about all the ways I can transform this space, but also grateful I even have a space. I have a safe home and my family and our health. I have enough. We just moved in 6 months ago. We sold everything we owned just a year ago and are starting over. This is where I’m at. I’m showing up, touching my toes 🙂 . . . #motivationmonday #inspiredhome #cozyhome #makehomeyours #expatlife #gyspylife

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 I feel like this space is getting closer to that cozy feel and I’m enjoying the journey to get this area finished.

And a BONUS….. I now have a reminder/affirmation for the next month about how beautiful change can be!

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